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Startup Challenge at Sac State Sept. 23-25

September 23, 2022

About Startup Challenge

A weekend-long experiential learning event. Friday night through Sunday night. Teams must be present for the bulk of the weekend.

The Startup Challenge is actually two competitions in one. We have the Catalyst Cohort and the Traction Cohort, and we have amazing prizes for both!

The Catalyst Cohort is for brand new ideas, and anyone is welcome to participate — even if you don’t have an idea. No startup or special skills required. If you’re wondering if the Catalyst Challenge right for you, it probably is. In the Catalyst Challenge, you’re competing to launch a startup. Cash Awards $1,000!

The Traction Cohort is for startups that already have some work product. You can have a product or customers, though you certainly don’t have to. But you cannot have raised investment yet. In the Traction Challenge, you’re competing to find traction. Cash Awards $1,500!

And here’s the kicker: both challenges are about what you actually get done over the weekend — because talk is cheap, and we don’t care what you accomplished beforehand. So everyone is on an equal playing field.

Ticket Pricing

Catalyst or Traction Cohort - $99

Student - $35 (must show valid student ID)